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Under the strategic guidance of Vibration Digital Marketing, this ecommerce business's advertising campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook significantly contributed to its growth, achieving an overall brand ROAS of 8.8.

With Google Ads generating $1.2M in revenue at an average ROAS of 3.4 and Facebook contributing $115k at a 3.7 ROAS, our comprehensive digital advertising strategy not only maximized returns but also enhanced brand visibility across key platforms. This dual-platform approach effectively drove substantial business growth, laying a solid foundation for future successes.

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"I can personally attest for Vibration's amazing skills. In a very short time with their help we have been able to increase traffic and conversions to a level that we did not think was possible. Their ability to set and understand analytics has allowed us to maximize our ad budget spends. If you have a business with an online presence, you need to talk to Vibration DM!"




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Vibration transformed the advertising landscape for a Youth Athletic Program, which had been facing challenges in filling its camps and training sessions. Through expertly managed Facebook campaigns, we revitalized their enrollment process, generating a total of 943 leads across various campaigns with a total ad spend of $4,951.97. This strategic initiative achieved an impressive $4.93 Cost Per Lead (CPL) that showcases our ability to target and engage potential attendees efficiently.


Our holistic approach not only filled the camps and training sessions but also laid a robust foundation for the program's future growth, demonstrating the power of targeted digital advertising in connecting with the youth athletic community. Through Vibration's efforts, the Youth Athletic Program saw significant improvements in enrollment, affirming our pivotal role in their success story.

"We have had a lot of success. Wouldn't be surprised if our numbers have actually doubled!!!"




In just five months, we've transformed a fresh concept into a digital success story, showcasing the power of tailored ad campaigns across the Meta and Google ecosystems. Our journey from launch has been nothing short of remarkable, driving $125k in revenue and setting the stage for monumental growth. With a steadily climbing ROAS and a community that's rapidly expanding, we're proving what's possible when digital marketing is done right.

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This isn't just about numbers; it's about building connections and paving the way for ecommerce brands that dare to dream big. As we look ahead, I'm thrilled at the prospect of scaling these heights together.


Let's dive in.

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